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From: Kerry & Diane Riley.

(Tantra Teachers and Co-producers of the internationally acclaimed “Secrets of Sacred Sex” DVD (sold over 400,00 copies) and authors of the international best selling book, “Sexual Secrets for Men”).

Dear Friend,

Tantra and Tantric sex can add a new dimension to the most enriching and enjoyable areas of your life: SEX, LOVE and RELATIONSHIP

if you are interested in discovering more about Tantra and Tantric Sex, then this is going to be the most rewarding and exciting message you ever read.

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Introducing the amazing Tantra and Tantric sex DVD, “The Secrets of Sacred Sex - A Guide to Intimacy, Sacred Lovemaking and Tantric Sex". This DVD covers everything singles or couples need to know to become extraordinary lovers and will teach you how to awaken your own natural sexual energy and experience a deeper level of connectedness with your love making partner.

"The Best Tantra DVD made to Date"
Tantra Magazine –USA

Tantra For men: IMAGINE.. having complete control of when you want to ejaculate. To master ejaculation control. Wouldn’t that be great? And imagine being the best lover your woman has ever had, able to make love for as long as you choose and never having to worry about getting or losing your erection strength. Wouldn't that be good?

And IMAGINE.. never having your partner complain that she is not getting the intimacy or romance she needs from you. Wouldn't that be great? Being able to satisfy your woman on all levels because you know the skills that 99% of men on this planet don’t. That's what this Tantra DVD can do for you.

Tantra for Women: IMAGINE.. discovering Tantric secrets to expand your sexual magic and orgasmic potential. Wouldn’t that be nice? Being able to increase your sexual desire and joy of sex while also extending your orgasmic pleasure.

And IMAGINE.. discovering pleasure tips / erotic tantric massage for him to experience a whole body orgasm and heightened emotional awareness. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Discovering Tantric practices to help him last longer and knowing the keys to making him more intimate.

In no time at all you can be having sexual experiences that will have you both saying “That’s the best ever”.

Tantra and Tantric sex for couples: if the sizzle has gone out of your relationship, what can this course do for you? Well, imagine discovering new ways to add a new energy to your love life and deepen your relationship together, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Would you both like that?

  • You can both discover how to balance differences in libido.
  • You can both discover how to explore and expand the amount of sexual pleasure you can experience and bring to each other.
  • You can discover how to maintain exciting sexual passion and keep love alive in a committed relationship while managing the stress of life, work and family.

That’s just a small fraction of what this Tantra / Tantric sex DVD will do for you.

And it’s not like any other DVD You Will
Ever Watch On Tantra.


Because this DVD is regarded throughout the Tantra world as the best ever Tantra DVD made. It has sold over 400,000 copies world wide and set the precedent for all other Tantra and Tantric DVD’s. This DVD is different because it takes you step by step through the Tantric process and is extremely pleasurable to watch and easy to understand.

Imagine missing out on this amazing opportunity. Imagine missing out on discovering Tantric Lovemaking Secrets and Practices that will instantly improve your life forever...

And that's only a small fraction of what you will miss out on.

In the “The Secrets Of Sacred Sex DVD” you will discover:

  • How to become an extraordinary lover. Discover Techniques to take you and your lover into sexual experiences that will have you both saying, “That’s the best ever”.
  • How to develop techniques for balancing differences in desire.
  • Practices that can transform lovemaking into a sacred experience.
  • The keys for tantric sexual meditation practice.
  • How to use your pelvic muscles to promote and prolong ecstatic pleasure and Tantric energy.
  • Skills to heighten your awareness.
  • How to understand men’s and women’s needs in sex, love and relationship.
  • Men will discover keys for extended ejaculation mastery.
  • How to turn sex into making love and pleasure into ecstasy.
  • Men, are you experiencing times where you are making love and you find you are losing your erection strength? Or finding it not as easy to get an erection as you used to? The mind is willing but the body isn’t! This course gives you techniques to last you a lifetime. You will never feel embarrassed again.
  • Men will discover how to increase your staying power.
  • Have you noticed that as you get older ejaculation leaves you quite depleted? Do you know the practices of non-ejaculation? In this course you will discover practices for this.
  • Have you ever made note of what physiological changes happen in your body when you're coming close to ejaculation? What if you could reverse these ingrained responses that cause you to ejaculate. What if you could change your whole programming so you could go on much longer!
  • Men will also discover how to satisfy your woman on all levels.
  • Women will discover how to increase your sexual desire and joy of good sex.
  • Women will also discover how to unleash your Tantric Goddess and extend your orgasmic potential.
  • Women will discover practices you can do to help your partner be able to last longer for you. This DVD shows you how to find the "million dollar point".
  • Discover how to maintain exciting sexual passion.
  • How to bring a more sacred aspect into your lovemaking.
  • Discover new ways to make love through Tantra.
  • Discover how to create sexual excitement no matter what time of the day or night!
  • Women will discover how to evoke stronger orgasms and how to create more sensation during intercourse.
  • Women, do you find yourself pushing for climax but you don’t know how to trigger your release? Do you find your partner is not giving you enough intimacy during the day, but as soon as he gets into bed he wants sex? Well, here’s the Tantra DVD to make the right changes straight away.
  • Men, you may have heard of extended orgasm for women? But have you heard of it for yourself?
  • Women, what do you do in a situation where you try everything but he is still soft? What can you do with a soft penis to still give both of you a lot more pleasure? This Tantra DVD covers all this and more.
  • Have you noticed that sometimes during lovemaking you are thinking too much? In this course you will discover how to be in the present moment and enjoy the lovemaking experience much more.
  • Discover how to go into spaces of pure bliss. Not just at orgasm but throughout the entire lovemaking session.
  • And much more…

Now you can discover all these secrets and be a skilled lover in the comfort of your own home!

"Highly Recommended! The best Tantra DVD made to date!"
Tantra Magazine USA.

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So… What's a resource like this worth?

This DVD was produced by some of the best Tantra teachers in the world. It has been watched by over 600,000 people in 20 different countries. If you were to do a course in Tantra or attend a workshop would cost over $850 per person.

That is why this DVD is such a bargin at $49.97

And if you purchase the DVD now you get these free e-books that you can download instantly.


A section taken from Diane Riley’s book on Sexual Secrets for Women. This e-book is about treating your man, Diane covers every thing a woman would want to know, how to give your man an experience he has never had before. These are the secrets of Diane’s 20 years of research in the area of the goddess and Tantra. (Value $27.97)

It Covers:

  • Men’s secret desires.
  • Heart – lingum connection.
  • Erotic full body massage.
  • Pleasuring the penis.
  • Male honouring and whole body orgasm.
  • Soft entry, hard withdrawal.


‘What’s going on in sex’ is a 25 page e-book. It is part of a four part lecture series on sex and relationships. (Value $17.97)

It Covers:

  • What is going on for people in sex and relationships today
  • Performance and attraction.
  • Earlier sexual experiences and how they may effect you today
  • Making a date for sex
  • Learning to love your body
  • Being in the now, and soft sex

These areas and more are covered. Kerry and Diane Riley answer and discuss the questions brought up in their workshop about sex and relationships.


An article on tantric lovemaking, where it comes from and how we can use this knowledge today, discovering ways of opening the heart in tantric lovemaking, turning sex into a sacred experience and exploring heightened states of ecstasy.(Value $7.97)

You will discover:

  • About tantric lovemaking.
  • Your PC love muscle.
  • How to enhance your sexual ecstasy.
  • Spreading sexual energy.
  • The heart in tantra.

FREE BONUS #4– Secrets for a healthy relationship!

A small e-book on Love, Sex and Relationships. Workshop facilitators Kerry and Diane Riley expose old myths in regard to relationships, and share ways in which to create harmony through a unique Bonding Process they have developed.(Value $7.97)

You will discover:

  • How to give your relationship high priority
  • How to create harmony when you don’t see eye to eye.
  • How to do the "Bonding Process".
  • How to use the practical three steps in the bonding process.
  • How to use the Power of Surrender.

Phew...that's some list of FREE Gifts, right?
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Now, we want to tell you. We have been studying and teaching Tantra for over 25 years. We have spoken to over 40 thousand people in 10 different countries. Working solely with people just like you. And these E-Books contain some of the best-kept secrets and knowledge you will ever discover!

In fact, here's what one recent customer had to say about the E-Books:

Hi Kerry and Diane, firstly I want to thank you!

I have completed the course and well all i can say is WOW! But i also want to comment about the bonuses. I didn't even think about reading them because usually when someone gives you a free bonus they are usually crap! But these are full of information. I learnt so much from them. They are just as amazing as the course!

Once again thanks for all your help.

Peter. 29.

But we don't know how long we can keep these bonuses up there. They're worth a lot to us in our heart, and at any time they could take them down forever. So if you want them, get in quick.

Just Quickly…. Here is some information about us!

For twenty five years Diane and Kerry have explored the great traditions of ecstatic sexuality, including Taoist sexology from ancient China, Tantra from ancient India, Shaman Indian sexuality from North America and sacred women’s sexuality from ancient Babylon.

They combined these secrets and practices with the most recent research on sexuality from universities and sex therapists throughout the United States and read and studied extensively with numerous authors and teachers in this field.

Our background in the human potential area is extensive. We have lectured to more then 40,000 people and produced numerous CD’s and video programs. We were featured in, and co produced the film “Secrets of Sacred Sex – a guide to love and intimacy” and wrote the international best seller "Sexual Secrets for Men". Also "Discovering Your Tantric Goddess Within".

From our vast breadth of research and practice we have devised own unique practices. Since 1984, we have run numerous programs on relationships and sensual loving.

If you're not completely satisfied that this course will do everything for your sexual relationship and more, then don’t take our word for it.

Read the real opinions of people just like yourself…


"The Best Tantra DVD Made To Date"

"The Secrets of Sacred Sex is a beautifully done educational video that gives an overview of Tantric (or Sacred) sex with exquisite descriptions of the subtle energies and over-all body sensations of spiritual sexuality, introducing different types of orgasm including the valley orgasm.

It is a sensitive and artistic portrayal of six heterosexual real-life couples who practice tantra sex. The video includes: safe sex, creating sacred space, chakras, energy & kundalini exercises, pelvis undulation, breath practices, sensual massage & relaxation, bath ritual, harmonizing, daily devotion, nurturing meditation. Masturbation (or self-pleasuring), giving & receiving, ejaculation control, Kegels, valley orgasm, feast of the senses, communication techniques, divine couple meditation, and questions and answers.

Highly recommended for both those new to Tantra and seasoned Tantrikas. We are also pleased to see a tantra video that honors racial diversity."

Tantra Magazine - USA


"This DVD saved our relationship"

Fred and June.

"Amazing and Beautiful"

The couples presented on DVD are amazing and beautiful in its love and trust. I have seen the film several times and I find a lot of pleasure watching it. And Diane and Kerry... it is good to know such relationship, such love and sex, is possibile on this planet.


"There is an obvious commitment by the authors to sexual healing and an increased embodiment of love."

I am grateful that such a film is available. Sacred Sex shows how embodying Tantric practices in our intimate lives can help us go deeper in both relating and in cultivating compassion for one another.

I highly recommend it - Annie Brook

There you go, the proof speaks for itself, doesn't it?

And don't worry, if for any reason you're not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.


If you don't learn anything new or you're not happy with what you have discovered after reading and practicing "Tantric Lovemaking Secrets and Practices" simply send an email to us telling us why and we will happily refund your money in full. (offer applies for 1st month olny)

Okay? So you really can't lose!

That's about as fair as it gets, don't you agree?

"Highly Recommended! The best Tantra DVD made to date!"
Tantra Magazine USA.

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$49.97 AUD

(This DVD is for PAL systems only. If purchasing in America
please check that your DVD player is PAL compatible ).

(All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. Our Bank processes your credit card data directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information. And it's totally secure.)

Lovemaking can be the richest experience we can have as a human being. If that’s what you truly want then you will find the ways, find the teachings and will find the path.

The richness of your experience of sexual love is truly unlimited. There are over two thousand years of Tantric Lovemaking secrets that have drawn upon and incorporated into this DVD.

And most importantly it is practical for modern day lovers. This is just the beginning and we are sure it will lead you into some amazing lovemaking.

There is enough fuel in this DVD to keep you charged throughout your life!


Diane and Kerry Riley.

P.S. Don’t forget you are getting the e-book bonuses for free which is valued at over $50.



"How much would you spend on a night out with your partner or on a date? $200, $300... The cost of the DVD is less then that and the satisfaction you get is incomparable"

Gary and Diane
Married for over 12 years

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